Bank Islam

Product Service

Highly recommended to apply service type based on business categories as below:

  • eBanker Inquiry – Government, Company, Organizations
  • eBanker Monetary – Government, Company, Organizations
  • eBanker Lite / eMasjid (Inquiry) – SME, Masjid, Surau
  • eBanker Lite / eMasjid (Monetary) – SME, Masjid, Surau

Types of services offered:-

Modules/FunctionsCategory of eBanker
eBanker MonetaryeBanker Lite MonetaryeMasjid MonetaryeBanker InquiryeBanker Lite InquiryeMasjid Inquiry
Account Inquiries & Account Statement
3rd Party Transfer (Within Bank Islam & IBG)
3rd Party Transfer – Import File Function
Instant Transfer
Salary Crediting
Salary Crediting – Import File Function
Bill Payment
Salary Plus (Statutory Payment Crediting)*
*For ebanker Lite & eMasjid payment to Statutory Payment Crediting can be made via FPX