Online Booking of Appointment Form
Please bring along the following for Debit Card-i renewal;
  * Original Identification document; and
  * Debit Card-i
Please bring the following document (where applicable) for your Account Opening appointment:
  i. Identity Card (I/C)/ Passport
  ii. Birth Certificate (for applicant age 12 and below)
  iii. Driving License (if any)
For account opening due to specific purpose, additional documentation below is required (where applicable):
  a. PTPTN/Scholarship Student – Offer letter from University (IPTA/IPTS) or, College
  b. Salary crediting– Appointment letter from Human Resources
  c. Baitulmal – Zakat aid application form


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1. acknowledge that all the information given here is true and complete.

2. agree that by clicking ‘Submit’, I have read Bank Islam's Privacy Notice and consented for Bank Islam to process my personal data in accordance to Bank Islam's Privacy Notice for the purpose of appointment booking

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