The following are the application requirements :
• Open to individual account application and MyKad holder aged as follows only:
      i. 12 years and above for Qard Savings Account and Basic Savings Account;
      ii. 18 years and above for Al Awfar Account
• You must visit any Branch within 30 days from the date of submission of application through web.
• Unattended application by you after 30 days will be withdrawn.
• Only application with your presence together with reference number can be processed.
• You are advised to read and understand the product information and Terms & Conditions in Bank Islam Website at before applying for the product.
• You may open one (1) account for each account type via this VAO Account Opening application.
Preferred Branch 
Student Status 
Higher Learning Institutions 
Name as per MyKad/Passport 
ID Type 
Identification No.   
Mobile No. 
House No. 
Office No. 
Race ** 
Date of Birth   
Birth Place 
Annual Income 
Marital Status 
Religion ** 
Name of Employer 
Mother's Maiden Name 
 ** Sensitive Data
Contact No. 
ID No. (**optional**) 
Opt for Debit Card-i and TAP Mobile Banking facilities for your Al Awfar Investment Account, Qard Savings Account and Basic Savings Account. You may choose one (1) or all facilities for your account.
Officer Code 
(for Bank Islam Internal Use)
• I have read, fully understood and agree to abide with the Terms and Conditions of respective account(s), products & services and any amendments thereof.
• I acknowledge and affirm that all the above information given is true and complete.
• I confirm that I am not undischarged bankrupt and there is no bankrupcty proceeding or any other civil/criminal proceeding instituted against me.
• I authorise Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad ("Bank lslam") to obtain or to verify any information on me from my employer, any financial institutions, the Director General of Inland Revenue Board and any other sources that Bank Islam deems appropriate.
• I agree to inform Bank Islam of any changes to the abovementioned information as soon as possible and further agree that Bank Islam shall have the absolute discretion to reject my application without giving any reason or if any information given by me is found to be false or untrue or contrary to any laws the Bank shall absolute discreation to cancel my application. If approval of the application being granted by Bank Islam but later on the information is found to be false or untrue or contrary to any laws, Bank Islam shall have the absolute right to cancel and/or revoke the said approval.
• I agree and note that any and all costs or loss incurred by me due to the rejection or revocation of the said approval shall be borne fully by me.
• I consent fully and irrevocably to Bank Islam disclosing information regarding to the above application to the Central Bank of Malaysia as maybe required under the law or otherwise.
• I agree that the Bank shall be entitled to charge a fee for any of its services provided to me at the rates imposed by the Bank (as approved by Bank Negara Malaysia) and at the Bank’s website.
• I hereby acknowledge that I have read this Privacy Statement and understand the content and agree to be bound by this Privacy Statement as per in the following link
• By applying to open this account, I hereby agree and consent that the Bank may collect, keep, use, disclose and process my personal information set out in my application form, account opening documents and/or otherwise provided by me or possessed by the Bank (“Personal Data”), for one or more of the authorised purposes (“Purposes”) as stated in the Bank’s Personal Data Privacy Statement. The term “Personal Data” includes sensitive personal data as defined under the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“the Act”). I further agree that my/our Personal Data may/will be disclosed by the Bank to its affiliates, business partners or related companies, third party service providers or agents for one or more of the purposes.
• I declare that in case I am subject to the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and the amendments thereto, as determined by Bank Islam ("the Bank"), I explicitly agree that the Bank advises the U.S. Tax Authority (the Authority) of my accounts with the Bank, including my accounts jointly held with third parties, and provide the Authority with data, information, disclosures and documents the Authority may request about these accounts and all my banking transactions with the Bank, and to answer any inquiries which the Bank may receive from the Authority and execute the Authority’s instructions in this respect and in the manner it requests needless to advise us in advance or obtain my/our consent to the notices, data, information, disclosures or documents which the Bank may provide to the Authority, nor to the procedures, acts and disposals. I hereby declare our commitment to sign all required forms and instruments as well as any other instruments which the Authority or the Bank may request. I also undertake to execute whatever the Authority or the Bank may request, and shall abide by the fixed dates. I shall also update the data according to any change that may occur to them, and in any way update them every three years with no responsibility of any type whatsoever on part of the Bank. This declaration is final, irrevocable and unchangeable.
I understand that this product is eligible for protection by PIDM and I can obtain a copy of the PIDM brochure via

Bank Islam Debit Card-i provides you with the convenience to perform retail transactions including Overseas and Card-Not-Present (CNP*) transactions as our card comes with high safety security feature through the application of “3D secured” which require One-Time-Password (OTP) verification. However, there are certain merchants of Overseas and CNP transactions that do not equipped with high safety security features. As such, in order to safeguard the interest of our valued customer, we wish to inform that there are certain risks associated with Overseas and CNP transactions which are NOT authenticated via safety authentication method as follows:

1) The information of your Bank Islam Debit Card-i might be stolen through merchant using unsecured/inadequate authentication method or with intention to commit fraud;

2) The stolen information of your Bank Islam Debit Card-i details might be used to perform series of unauthorised transactions; and

3) The unauthorised transaction occurred on your card may result in you would not be able to use the full amount of the disputed transaction until completion of the investigation

Nevertheless, Bank Islam shall perform investigation on any claim of unauthorised transaction. Please refer to the Bank’s website or our terms and conditions to know more on how to safeguard your debit card-i against unauthorised transaction.

1. Overseas Transaction
2. CNP Transaction
You are required to decide whether to agree to participate in overseas and CNP transactions or not. If there is no selection made, it is deemed that you do not agreein the participation and your Bank Islam Debit Card-i will be blocked from the non selected transaction(s).
*CNP transaction comprises of Mail Order Telephone Order (MOTO), direct debit and e-commerce transctions.

I hereby open my Saving-i Account based on Qard contract [Loan (by me to the Bank)] subject to the terms and conditions as determined by the Bank.
Based on Qard contract, the Bank is responsible to repay the monies in full upon demand.
I expressly consent and authorise Bank Islam to process and use the information which I have provided for the purposes of cross selling, marketing and promotions including administering offers and competitions and disclosure to other companies within Bank Islam Group, its agent, employees and or such individuals or third parties as Bank Islam deems fit.
1. Do you have a U.S. passport?
2. Are you a permanent resident of the U.S. or a U.S. green card holder?
3. Is U.S. your country of birth?
4. If you are a signatory of an organisation, are there any share holders/ U.S.
companies/ institutions owning a share/interest exceeding 25% of the Company capital?
I am tax resident of other country(s): 

      1. Tax Residency Country  
          Tax Identification No. 
          If TIN is not available, please provide reason 
      2. Tax Residency Country 
          Tax Identification No. 
          If TIN is not available, please provide reason 
      3. Tax Residency Country 
          Tax Identification No. 
          If TIN is not available, please provide reason 
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